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1- Does using Liquid Hand Soap make hands dry?

2- What is the difference between Liquid Hand Soap and Soap Bars?
Liquid Hand Soap is produced through chemical interactions
and mixing different ingredients, not heating the soap.

3- Does Liquid Hand Soap cause allergy?

4- Can Liquid Hand Soap be used for washing face and body?

5- What are the specifications of quality Liquid Hand Soap?
High cleansing power and right density.

6- What is the expiration date of the Liquid Hand Soap?
5 years after production.

7- Does using soap make skin dry?
If the pH of the soap matches the standards it does not have any effect on the skin.
Taravat uses plenty of softeners to prevent your skin getting dry.

8- Is using soap harmful for sensitive skins?

9- What makes Liquid Hand Soap shrink after a short while?
Having a lot of moisture and not enough glycerin.

10- What makes soap bars crack?
Too much moisture.

11- Does a lot of foam mean better cleaning?

12- What is the expiration date of the Soap Bars?
7 years after production.

13- Where is the greatest amount of cleaning products produced?
Azerbaijan, Tabriz.


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