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Belding located in the vicinity of alkali stones mines from geographical point of view, East Azarbaijan province had a leading position in soap producing industry. in fact, this province with its capital, Tabriz is one of the poles of detergent production.

More Than one century ago, in Leilabad district of Tabriz, an individual named Rahim Sabunchi accompanied by his four sons established a workshop for soap production in a traditional way. After the death of Rahim, his sons relying on their tether's experience and manipulation of new technology, expanded the workshop and set up a modern factory named Sabonchi brothers. They produced regular bars of soaps in different shapes which introduced an evolution in soap industry of not only the province but also the country.

Later in 1964, they established a corporation named TARAVAT Soap Producing company. This company commenced its activity  Lalezar street, Tabriz, using modern machinery which increased the quality and quantity of the products.

Finally, in 1982 the TARAVAT Soap Producing company, with its new machinery was transferred to out skirts of Tabriz, to the present industrial region. Now, this company, with varieties of high quality and standard detergent products, is one of leading detergent producers across the country. We are pound of talking influential steps in meeting the hygienic needs of our country. As a last word, it is worth mentioning that managers and shareholders of the company are the descendants of Rahim Sabunchi.


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